Old World/New World Wine Dinner

Two chefs at The Oyster Bar will finally be presenting another wine dinner on Sunday December 2nd, 2012. Chef Joe and Chef Sean will be preparing a five course meal that they will carefully pair with five different wines that explore the European, or old world landscape of wines and end in California, or new world vineyards. I do not want to give specific items on the menu away, but I can say that the dishes will be very comforting and reminiscent of the holiday season. This will also be the first dinner that Joe and Sean will prepare on their own and they are sure to astonish guests with the five courses they have carefully been planning. If you have never been a part of one of the many Oyster Bar wine dinners it is truly an experience that will be remembered. Be sure to call today to make reservations as there is limited seating and seats do fill up quickly. Give yourself or loved ones an early holiday gift and join us at The Oyster Bar for a special event that will be talked about through the holiday season.

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