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Steve Gard

Steve Gard, Proprietor

Restaurant experience: Over 40 years

Favorite food: Spicy foods, pasta, and anything grilled

Fun fact: Resided in California for 5 to 6 years working as an insurance investigator and once had the distinct opportunity to interview and do a light background check on Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bio: I’ve been married to my amazing wife Brenda for over 30 years. I have two beautiful daughters and one wonderful son. Livin’ the dream.                                                               


Patrick Olin, A.M. line manager 

Kitchen Experience: 20 yrs

Specialty cuisine: italian/latino

Favorite food: barbacoa

Fun fact: Kitchen experience at many of Ft. Waynes top restaurants

Bio: Has spent time living and working all over the United States.  I am a family man with 7 amazing children and a beautiful wife. 


Sean “Big Cat” Richardson, sous chef

Kitchen experience: 4 yrs

Specialty cuisine: Unique flavor profiles and pairings

Favorite food: Garlic bread

Fun fact: Bachelors degree in English writing and plays in a nationally touring rock n roll band.

Bio: Every job I have ever had has been in association with the restaurant business.  I have two passions in life; food and music, both which I use to creatively express myself and grow as an artist. 

Joe “sly dog” Ottenweller, sous chef

Kitchen experience: 3 yrs

Specialty cuisine: Fusion

Favorite food: Anything smoked

Fun fact: Currently in school for culinary arts

Bio: Played college baseball and coached high school baseball.  I also enjoy spending time in my garden each year and creating amazing dishes from the fresh produce that I grow.     


Paul Liming, A.M. line chef

Kitchen experience: 21 yrs

Specialty cuisine: Asian/Creole

Favorite food: Sushi

Fun fact: Has cooked for Darth Vader….. TWICE!!

Bio: I am currently on my 14th year with The Oyster Bar, outside of work I enjoy mountain biking and keeping up with my fish aquariums.                                                                                                       

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