one fish, two fish, red fish, BARRAMUNDI???

Any chance I have, I like to bring in fish that may not be common to some of our guests.  Barramundi is an example of this and also happens to be one of my personal favorites.  This Australian fish, flaky white and as delicate as they come, is perfect for anything from broiling to grilling.  I just had a shipment delivered to me today and hope to have another for my weekend patrons. And as for the cheesy title to this blog ….. well, the only explanation is that I always get excited to play with this fish and create amazing features so needless to say, it makes me giddy as a schoolboy!!!!


As with most restaurants, we are rapidly approaching our busiest time of year.  As well as increased business in the actual restaurant, my catering availability also becomes limited.  So if you have a holiday party that needs planned, make sure to contact me as soon as possible!!!!


OYSTERS!!!  Although our menu consists of much more than this delicious treat of the sea… I feel that some of you feel a bit intimidated by what you are unfamiliar with.  In my opinion raw is the way to go, but we do offer a variety of baked and fried oysters that you can try before you let a raw one slide down the hatch.  Just check out how Erik’s experience went when The Fort Wayne Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsored his oyster extravaganza.

Welcome to the Chef’s Blog

Welcome to the New Oyster Bar Chef’s Blog. I’ll be your host, Scott Dickmeyer, Executive Chef and man behind the fin at The Oyster Bar restaurant. Located just a few minutes away from Downtown Fort Wayne.

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